We bring purpose and passion to your organization through:

Reinventing Work

We champion freedom and accountability at work, and are the only Results-Only Work Environment™ certified consultancy in Canada

Innovating Culture

We put your purpose and values into action and inspire people to do their best work

Developing Courageous Leaders

We develop leaders who are authentic, courageous, and trustworthy – and allergic to mediocrity

From Bureaucratic Hierarchy

To Agility and Innovation

From Information Hoarding

To Operational Transparency

From Silo Mentality

To Dynamic Collaboration

From Wearing a corporate mask at work

To Authenticity at work

From Focus on time and attendance

To Focus on Results and Purpose

From Micro-managing

To Freedom and Accountability

From C-Suite Leaders as “superior”

To Leadership regardless of title

From Cliques, gossip and toxic environments

To Empathy, Collaboration and Connection with coworkers

From Rigid policies and processes

To Agile, Human systems

From Focus on Cost-Reduction

To Focus on Growth

From Work that detracts from life

To Work that adds Meaning and Connection to life

From Rules-based culture

To Values-based Culture

From Complacency and Mediocrity

To Passion and Awesomeness


of Leaders rate Culture as a critical priority. (Deloitte Human Capital Trends 2016)


of leaders say success has to be defined by more than profitability. (PwC Global CEO survey 2016)


of participants in our workshops say they can immediately use what they learned on the job


of employees globally are fully engaged in their work. It’s time for change. (Gallup)

We spend too much time at work for it to suck. Let’s make it awesome!

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