Our mission is to improve people's lives by making work awesome

Principles we live and work by:

  • We are allergic to mediocrity
  • Culture is created by Action, not intention
  • Purpose and Passion are critical to engagement and how much people strive at work.
  • When engagement is lacking, Fear and lack of Trust are most often the culprits.
  • The most successful companies have high levels of Freedom and Accountability.
  • Your employees must exude enthusiastic loyalty before your customers can feel that way themselves.
  • Employees who live your values create customers who love your product.

Meet the Blue Rebel Team

Pam Ross

Pam Ross

Special Agent In Charge

I decided many years ago that if I was going to spend a third of my life at work, it better be awesome! In 2011, I finally worked up the courage to leave my HR gig in the corporate world and started Blue Rebel (then called Pam Ross Consulting) with a vision to improve people’s lives by making work awesome. I love combining my natural strength in developing cutting edge, creative ideas with the pragmatic, operational approach I used in the corporate world.
My Super Power: Unconventional Ideas
My top core Value: Authenticity
My favourite pastime: Spending time outdoors, usually with my dog
What I’m reading: Reinventing Organizations (Frederic Laloux), Relic (William G. Howell, Terry M. Moe)
My favourite song to dance to: Courage (The Tragically Hip)
What I love most about my work: Seeing people inspired to make positive change in their work-lives!


Kelly Reid

Kelly Reid

Culture Ninja

I am passionate about helping others, I love being creative and I believe that everyone should smile while they work. Work was always a place I went, until I started with Blue Rebel Works and now it really is something I do. As a Mom, I enjoy the freedom to work from home (or anywhere else I’d like) with full trust that I will complete my projects on time or reach out for support. I love to feel that I am contributing and making a positive impact on the business or with a client – that is what success feels like for me and it’s awesome to experience that every time I work.
My Super Power: Visual Creations
My top Core Values: Honesty
My favourite pastime (other than making work awesome): Playing hide and go seek, usually with my daughter.
What I’m reading: First Comes Love (Emily Giffin), Reinventing Organizations (Frederic Laloux)
My favourite song to dance to: Ain’t no mountain high enough (Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell)
What I love most about my work: Constantly learning about different business and helping them achieve their goals and results through creative solutions.

That's us. We can't wait to learn about you.

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