Culture is created by actions,
not intentions.


We identify the behaviours and beliefs getting in the way of your desired culture, and help you create new habits, experiences and great results

What Culture Is and How We Develop It

Your Culture is the pattern of behaviours in your company – it is how people think and act at work. The results you achieve are a direct result of your Culture.

Culture begins with an aspirational Purpose and strong Values. We help you define and communicate yours purpose and values so that your people are aligned and inspired to do their best.


Get clear about the actions that drive culture and results in your organization

  • A great strategy is just words on paper if your Culture does not support executing and achieving it.
  • If Culture is not deliberate, it will develop on its own, and it won’t be the Culture you need.


of leaders rate Culture as a critical priority.

Here’s what a Culture Change Engagement might look like with us:

  • Discovery: We spend time with your team, understanding how they describe your current culture and what gets in the way of them doing their best work.
  • Values Assessment: We use Barrett’s Culture Values Assessment to get a clear picture of the Values your employees want and what they are currently experiencing at work, as well as your organization’s Cultural Entropy (that’s a fancy word for specific areas of disengagement)
  • Culture Strategy: We engage your senior team in identifying the Culture you need to achieve your Strategic Objectives; to identify a Purpose that is genuine to them and to the work you do; and to identify initial actions to improve Culture
  • Focus Groups: We bring together a cross-functional group of Culture Champions to engage them in tactics and habit creation for building the Culture you desire
  • Implementation: We create a tactical plan, customized for your environment, to engage everyone in creating high performing, sustainable culture
  • Culture Coaching: We consult with and coach your leadership and HR teams to execute the plan

A Complete Assessment
We get to know your team, understand your current culture and discover what values resonate in your organization


Powerful Strategy
We engage your senior leaders to identify the culture, purpose and actions you need to achieve objectives.


Build Champions
We help you select a cross-functional group who become your culture superheros – driving tactics and habit creation that support the culture you desire.

Customized Solution
We create a tactical plan just for you, because your culture is unique and we don’t believe in one-size fits all.

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